A dramatic and compelling story about a young girl and her older brother, who is enlisted in the military and is deployed to a mission that separates him for a long time from his sister. Even longer than everyone anticipated…

Directed and written by: Louis Angerer
Story by: Sabine Ludwig
Music by: Alexander Rose
Starring: Aivi Dam, Daniel Acosta and Amanda McKnight

Production Company: ARCEE Studios

Reviews for MALAIKA

1 Review
  • Kit
    April 18, 2023
    From the intricate storyline and amazing world-building to the incredible cast of characters and impeccable attention to detail, Malaika stands out as one of the most compelling and exciting Minecraft Roleplay. you guys have managed to craft a seamless and immersive world where viewers can get lost in the exciting adventures of the characters as they unravel the mysteries and secrets of the world.
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