An action-packed Star Wars fan film, which tells the story of the young Padawan “SI-BO”. He and his master “Quinn” plunge into the unknown and are put to the test.

Directed and written by: Jannik Schwerdt
Produced by: Marlon Funk, Florian Torgau and Jannik Schwerdt
Music by: Alexander Rose and Elia Schlegelmilch
Starring: Ingo Albrecht, Tim Bergmann, Sascha Jostock, Asad Schwarz, Florian Wuthe, Maximilian Raudzus

“SI-BO” is a STAR-WARS fan film and no monetary value is gained by this movie by any participating party. Recore, Areon Pictures, PhoenixMedia Digital and Baker+ are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company or Lucasfilm LTD. This film is abiding by all fan film guidelines.

Reviews for SI-BO

There are currently no reviews for SI-BO
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