Crimes of Alorion

A murder takes place in a town called Alorion when armies of Landra arrive late at night. A self-proclaimed detective, Leonardo Salvatori takes on the case to prove himself to the people. With a little help from a mysterious traveller, they begin to unravel the mystery that now plagues the town.

Reviews for Crimes of Alorion

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  • Ducky
    March 2, 2022
    I LOVE the dialogue between the characters, it is so natural and works really well. None of the lines are there without purpose, and they don't just tell us pure information like a lot of other machinimas do. It feels like the interactions and relationships between the characters are genuine, and there is a lot of development to each character over time, as well as the relationships between them. AND THEN THE PLOT TWIST! Oh my gosh, it was so so so well set up and probably my favourite part of the whole movie. Leonardo's lines and character in particular stood out to me as very well written, with a perfect balance between comedy and seriousness. Very nice!
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