The Game: Rebooted

“The Game: Rebooted” follows Chris, Leah, and Jake on their post apocalyptic lives together as their community’s best runners and fighters. When one day, unknown individuals arrive at their doorstep, kidnap them and force them to fight other survivors in a battle royale setting to escape the island alive. But nobody ever said it’s gonna be easy.

Reviews for The Game: Rebooted

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  • Ducky
    March 2, 2022
    It was definitely much better than the original and a very big improvement since last time. The animations were very good, as well as the sets and visual effects. It was a fun concept with a very big production. The animations and visual effects were by far the highlight of the movie, with bright and funky lighting that had a somewhat cinematic feel. Facial expressions and body movements were very much utilised a lot to carry out the emotion, and the many action sequences used a lot of editing as well. Overall it had lots of potential but sadly lost out in the writing. The dialogue didn't flow and didn't sound realistic at all. Throughout, I was very conscious that I was watching a fictional machinima with no immersion. It was far too long and dragged on really badly, which made it get boring before even halfway through the movie. The style kept jumping from semi-realism to cartoony, and the genre kept switching from comedy to fantasy to action to dystopian. It was super messy and not the best experience... Sorry.
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