The Remnant

The newest movie in the TSC Studios is now on Baker+!

Reviews for The Remnant

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  • Ducky
    March 2, 2022
    A great movie to introduce the audience into the new phase of TSC. It ties off loose ends from the previous movies and catches our eyes to new heroes through great voice actors and an amazingly written script. The dialogue flows really well and sounds realistic, and the cinematography is great along with visuals and builds! I think the dialogue was the big highlight of this one (like in most TSC films). It always feels very natural and the emotions are highlighted so much through what they say. In terms of narrative, it is a perfectly written screenplay to allow for a rebellion to take place; through the setting of a ruined and forgotten lawless city, to the ruined character of Erin due to the fall of the Ravagers, and the hate for the Sheriffs. The pacing was great and I was hooked for the whole time without becoming bored at all. I really liked it! Oh and the pirate shanty scene... Oh the pirate shanty scene. <3
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