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Enjoy the hours of machinima here on Baker+! Not only do we offer many different machinimas, but they are also high-quality. Baker+ is the home of high quality machinima!

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Stream full seasons of exclusive series, current-season episodes, hit machinimas, originals, and more.

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Baker+ works great on all device sizes. View your content on devices as small as mobile phones as well as big screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baker+ is a streaming platform for movies made in computer games using modifications or game engines to animate camera movements (e.g. Rockstar Editor for GTA V or the Blockbuster Mod for Minecraft). Furthermore, Baker+ offers a wide variety of content from different games with different stories.

At the moment, watching content on Baker+ is free of charge with no limitations. The subscription model may however change in the future.

Baker+ Originals are series or movies produced by Baker+ either independently or in cooperation with other film teams. Upcoming Baker+ Originals will be announced on our Twitter and Discord.

If we are looking for new team members, you can check for job openings and applications. However, keep in mind that this project is voluntarily and we cannot offer any payment at this time.

If you are a filmmaker and have a production you would like to have featured on Baker+, please reach out to [email protected] or visit!

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