Jäger des verlorenen Knuffs

Immerse yourself in the exciting story behind the scenes of AREON Pictures, formerly known as Minecraft Cinematic Universe. After more than one and a half years, we accompany the team members on their exciting journey full of changes and challenges. When the team leader unexpectedly leaves the team, the question arises: What will become of the team? Who will take over the leadership? And above all: What will happen to Silent Fear 2? The answers lie in the dark and only an adventurous journey can reveal the secrets.

Directed and Written by: Julian Herm
VFX by: Florian Torgau
Music & SFX by: Jannik Schwerdt
Design & Models: Hendrik Haunschild
Cast: Florian Torgau, Jannik Schwerdt, Levke Kiefer, Julian Herm

Reviews for Jäger des verlorenen Knuffs

There are currently no reviews for Jäger des verlorenen Knuffs
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