“5 Guns” takes place in and depicts a cinematic 1930’s gritty noir-like Chicago, a period piece featuring Peter Ansario, a man who want’s it all.. But get’s none.

Reviews for 5 GUNS

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  • Ducky
    March 2, 2022
    Very nice aesthetics; sets/building, lighting, costumes/skins, and the animations. The gangster genre is set up really nicely with a sudden inciting incident. I like the low-key lighting used with really bright exaggerated highlights. The voice actors are mostly good, especially in the main cast. It tackles much darker and deeper issues that most minecraft machinimas tackle, which I really like. The writing is impressive, especially in conversations. The genre is set up so well and the conflicts are intense. I really like the production side of things, with the cars, the skins, animations, models, everything. Such a creative layout and narrative too, I loved the themes and genre.
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