Beyond: An Edeneth Story

A group of Emerald University professors embark on an expedition to research an important discovery…

Reviews for Beyond: An Edeneth Story

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  • Ducky
    March 2, 2022
    Literally in the first shot I could tell it was directed by 0n3Apple... His very cinematic style with great utilisation of DoF and lighting really showed through. The voice actors are very good, as well as their microphone quality. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the underwater sequence, it was very well done, with the visuals, the sound effects, and the atmosphere. The animation was also very high standard, both body and facial. I really like the cinematography, especially the tilts and bird's eye view shots. The camera movements aren't jarring and work very nicely. I think the sound work was especially excellent. It was overall super well made and enjoyable to watch. Really high quality!
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