Submission Requirements


Machinima Filmmakers are welcome to submit their movies and series for distribution on Baker+. To assure that distributed movies hold a certain level of quality, all interested filmmakers wanting to have their movie/series on Baker+must meet these requirements below. There will be no exceptions.


A movie or series must meet the following requirements to be considered for distribution on Baker+(meeting these requirements does not guarantee distribution on Baker+):

  1. The provided media must be in Full HD (1920×1080) or higher and at least 24 fps.
  2. The majority of the movie or series must be shot cinematically (different camera perspectives and movements).
    1. First Person POV is accepted, if fitting to storyline or cinematography and if it contains no HUD (Heads Up Display) overlays.
  3. The movies/series must contain a clear storyline that is scripted. Roleplay movies/series where the story is not specifically scripted will only be distributed on a case by case basis.
  4. “Let’s Plays” of any kind will not be accepted for distribution.
  5. Baker+ only accepts completed movies/series for distribution.
    1. Series can be released at once or in a specific time rhythm (one episode per day/week etc.), but all episodes must be submitted completed.
    2. The request for distribution may be made close to the end of the production. However, movies/series will only be shown (or uploaded) on Baker+ at the official release date of the movie/show.
  6. The rightsholder of the movie series must be at least 18 years old.
  7. By submitting to Baker+ you confirm that you own the rights of the film, including but not limited to, music copyright etc
  8. The movie/show must contain voice action (VA) in some way, shape or form. Submissions that do not feature VA may still be submitted for distribution, but it will be decided on a case-by-case basis, if the submission will be distributed.


Baker+ will distribute any kind of machinima (Movie/Series filmed inside of a computer game) that meets the above I. Requirements. Baker+ accepts Machinimas from various games including, but not limited to Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V and many more as long as they meet the requirements. Currently, Baker+ is not looking for solely animated or live-action movies/series, unless the animation is styled as a video game (e.g., “Songs Of War”). The same requirements as above apply.


Having your movie/series shown on Baker+is beneficial to gain more audiences for your movie/series and a certain level of quality is guaranteed for your show. Your show does not drown under the sheer masses of youtube content, but is directly shown to an audience that wants to enjoy machinimas. However, Baker+ does not necessarily stand behind movies/shows or can be hold responsible for movies/series that are not Baker+ Originals or officially affiliated with Baker+.


If your movie/series meets the I. Requirements and you would like your movie/series to be shown on Baker+, send an email to or reach out to us on our discord

Please make sure that your movie/series meets all the requirements and that your movie/series does not have any errors (e.g. obvious plot holes, spelling mistakes, wrong format, etc.). Fixing errors discovered by the audience and after the fact will only be possible to a certain aspect (loss of statistics/views/ratings may be the result). Baker+ recommends to screen your movie/series to a selected audience before distribution on Baker+ to avoid any future errors/fix requests.

A Baker+ representee will reach out to the provided eMail in the form whether Baker+ considers your movie/series for distribution or not. If your movie/series has not been considered for distribution due to wrong resolution/format or similar quick fixable issues, you may re-submit that movie/series once again with the issue fixed. If it was denied for a reason that is not easily fixable, you may not be able to distribute that movie/series on Baker+ unless the representee informs you otherwise.

If your movie/series is considered for distribution on Baker+, the representee will handle any questions, concerns and similar with you and ask you for additional information.

Once released, Baker+ will provide you with statistics, ratings and more of your movie/series.


If you would like to have your movie/series removed from Baker+, please contact this email with a valid reason:
If you should have any questions or concerns regarding distribution on Baker+, please contact with your question or concern and we’ll be happy to provide you with the assistance you require.

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