Partner Program


Baker+ offers a partner program for machinima film teams that strives to help them during their production. A filmmaker or film team that successfully pitches a series or movie to Baker+ will be considered a Baker+ Partner. They will be put in charge of running the show (as a Showrunner) or movie (as the Executive Producer) and hire any additional crew to produce said production. Baker+ will also provide crew members and casting connections to aid the production. Baker+ will supervise the production and ensure that it stays in the vision of Baker+ and that the production is going according to schedule. Once the production is completed and the show/movie is released, the partnership with the filmmaker/film team expires, unless renewed for additional seasons or sequels/prequels.

Baker+ Trusted Partners are film teams that are partnered with Baker+ for an extended amount of time and not limited to one production. They work together on productions and assist each other. Independent productions by the trusted partners will also be more heavily featured and promoted on all platforms.


If you are interested in pitching a movie or series to Baker+, please prepare a pitch document, which explains what your production is about, why it is beneficial for Baker+ and what success chances it has. There are various good pitch templates as well as tutorials on the internet. The better the pitch is structured and the more you can bring to the table, the better the chances that your pitch will be successful.
A pitch can be send to

Trusted Partners are selected by Baker+ Executives and there is no application for it. Trusted Partners qualify by working together on a previous project as Partners or through managers, agents, etc.

Baker+ Partner

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