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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Feigned Peace (FAN FILM)

A Minecraft Fan Film/Episode of the Star Trek Series Deep Space Nine, directed and written by Felix Baker! To be released: August 2021!

Arbitrium: The Final Decision

A GTA V Feature Film by Plasmid Films, directed and written by Fabian Siebecke! To be released: September 2021

No Rest For The Wicked

A GTA Limited Series by VZ Cinema, directed and written by Cass! To be released: October 2021!

Modern Kind

A Minecraft Limited Series directed and written by Felix Baker! To be released: December 2021

Outrun (Released)

A Grand Theft Auto V action short film, directed and written by Luke S. Anderson! Watch Outrun here:

ABFAHRT (Released)

A Minecraft Short Film by ARCEE Studios and PhoenixMedia Digital, written and directed by Louis Angerer!


A Western Minecraft Feature Film by Artemis Pictures. Written and directed by Florian Darkflower.

ABFAHRT Episode 2

The continuation of the German Elite Unit "The Stammtisch". This time, they have to face threats bigger than ever before.

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