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Creator Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines

Baker+ encourages every machinima creator to inform themselves of Baker+ procedures and requirements before submitting their production for distribution to Baker+ to avoid misinformation and/or rejecetion because of it. All frequently asked questions should be listed on this page, however, if you feel a question is missing, feel free to reach out to us either via email ( or by opening a Ticket on our Discord.

We welcome all Machinima Creators and encourage them to request distribution on Baker+. It is better exposure to everyone as your content does not get drowned by the masses of YouTube content. If you would be interested in having your  machinima on Baker+, send a mail to or reach out to us via our Discord!

Baker+ is willing to distribute any type of machinima or genre so long it fulfills our Submission Requirements and has a certain level of quality and professionality. The most popular games for Machinimas on Baker+ are MinecraftGrand Theft Auto V and expectedly Hytale when it releases.

During the process of getting your production featured on Baker+, you will be asked to provide any and all materials that help to feature and promote your production. That materials include a press kit (see next FAQ for explanation), any trailers, teasers, clips for your production, the movie or episodes themselves, an outline, synopsis and brief description of your production, production credits and any other material that you may find helpful! 

A Presskit is a collection of material that will be used for promotion of your production. Presskits usually include any posters (movie/character), thumbnails, production stills, behind the scene content (stills, clips), trailers and clips. Baker+ will be given permission to use these materials independently for promotion across all platforms.

Yes, while we are aware that certain games are only capable so much for machinimas, we have clear and strict quality requirement that every production needs to meet to be considered for distribution on Baker+. These requirements can be found on this page!

No, per our submission requirements, we only distribute shows that are completed. Baker+ can release individual episodes on a release schedule (e.g. one episode per week) or all at once at the desire of the creator. The reason, Baker+ only accepts completed series is that we do not want to have an unknown waiting time between episodes. Applications for distribution may be submitted when the production is near completion (i.e. at the end of post production), so that negotiations can be completed and the production be released at the desired release date.

Yes, upon acceptance into distribution on Baker+, you will be sent a Distribution Agreement to the terms negotiated previously. That agreement needs to be signed. Therefore creator’s must be at the age of 18 or have a legal guardian that can sign that agreement on behalf of them.

No, while it is beneficial to make your machinima in English, it is not required to be distributed on Baker+. If the spoken language, however, is not english, english subtitles must be provided for all episodes/movies/trailers/clips.

You can find and download Baker+ Logo designs under this link. However, any production must not be named a Baker+ Original or advertised as such, if it’s not the case. A show is not simply a Baker+ Original, because it’s distributed on the platform. Baker+ Originals are productions created by Baker+ (in cooperation with film teams). To produce a Baker+ Original, a pitch to the Executives must be made and accepted. The logos may be used for promotional art or posters (e.g. Streaming now on Baker+) and similar.

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